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Core Health & Fitness is the global partner you’ve been looking for. A vertically integrated company, we manufacture, sell, install and support high quality commercial fitness equipment for our iconic brands: StairMaster, Schwinn, Nautilus, Star Tr...

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Core Health and Fitness Education Event Calendar

Find a Live Schwinn Cycling Instructor Workshop near you using our education calendar that is updated frequently!

Education Offerings

Online, Virtual, and In-Person Instructor Education offerings for indoor cycling, cardio, HIIT, strength, and impact sports

Schwinn Certified Indoor Cycling Instructors Facebook page

Become a part of our online community through our Facebook page; stay up-to-date on the latest happenings and programming from Schwinn Indoor Cycling!

Core Access

Core Access is our LIVE platform that allows us to share innovative digital solutions in real time. Tune-in for updates on the hottest products of the year from the most recognizable fitness brands in the industry!

FTP Estimator poster

Personalizing your Schwinn Z Console with FTP is as simple as a 5 minute or 20 minute test, using conversion factors on your Power Trophies, or using this chart with sex, age, weight, and fitness level.

Power & Gear Expectations

Depending on the Schwinn bike model or electronics you have chosen, the Power and Gear output will display differently because they are measured in different ways - Estimated Power with Resistance-Based Gears, Direct Power and Torque-Based Gears, or ...

Pro Tips for Indoor Cycling Instructors With Schwinn Master Instructors Keli Roberts and Jason Schneider

Keli and Jason share some important and practical tips for creating a safe riding environment for your indoor cycling classes. You will find tips on: Pop Pins, Pedal and Pedal Straps, Cycling Shoes, Handlebars, Proper Attire, ann Health Check In.

Schwinn Stretching Poster

Increasing or maintaining flexibility is an important part of any well-rounded fitness program. Often at the end of an indoor cycling class, there is very little time to adequately perform a variety of static stretches. Considering the body has been...

Core Connect

Get world class support for all our brands with a new service portal that simplifies the process for warranty registration, preventive maintenance, service requests and parts orders, as well as helping you find the information you need.

Schwinn Z Bike Owners Manual

Technical content including assembly instructions, console troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance schedule.

Ride As One with Schwinn Master Instructor Lucian Moldovan

Schwinn = Passion. Schwinn Master Instructor Lucian Moldovan is one of the most passionate indoor cycling coached on the planet. Saddle up and join him for ride that that will get your heat pumping!

Ride As One with Schwinn Master Trainer Jason Schneider

Join Endurance Athlete and Schwinn Master Trainer Jason Schneider as he leads you on a ride that will take you to breathless and back through a series of climbs and breathless intervals. Spoiler alert..... the hills are the easy part!

Ride As One with Schwinn Master Trainer Robert Sherman

Ride as One with Schwinn Master Trainer Robert Sherman. Iconic in the Fitness Industry, Robert can bring a ride to life like no other! Thank goodness you're on an indoor bike because you'll totally get lost in the journey he takes you on.

Ride as One Ride with Schwinn Master Trainer Robert Sherman

Known for amazing coaching and cueing enjoy this results driven ride with Robert and witness how he uses his talent to bring riders together for a fun and empowering experience!

Ride as One with Schwinn Master Trainer Tatiana Kolovou

Schwinn Master Trainer Tatiana Kolovou is an outdoor cyclist and triathlete who brings the road to life indoors. An incredible communicator verbally and non-verbally your ride together will be nothing short of memorable!

Schwinn Indoor Cycling - Pedal & Pulse

Schwinn Indoor cycling meets Barre in a fusion program that's taking the country by storm. Amazing cardio combos on the bike flow into elongating, strength based barre training on the floor using the bikes as barres. Finally, barre students work in...

Denise Druce - December 14, 2020

Join Schwinn Master Instructors from around the world for a favorite ride or to get a training tip to elevate your coaching and classes with 21 Days for Giving from Schwinn.

Online Education Inquiries

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We love indoor cycling instructors! That’s why we developed a free, all-round tool to help you make the most of your bike classes. Create your own workouts in no time at all with the free Session Designer or choose from 20,000+ workouts from indust...


[formerly Motosumo] WE HAVE A SIMPLE VISION To make group fitness available to everyone, everywhere. Momentum Group Fitness is an app designed for gym operators and fitness professionals who want to host group fitness classes. We’re talki...


Immersive Indoor Cycling Experience For Cycling Studios, Gyms, and Fitness Clubs

Schwinn Bikes

With historic roots in outdoor cycling, Schwinn focus has always been on authenticity and quality. We brought the feel of the road to indoor cycling with the same expertise and education that drives the industry forward.

Schwinn Consoles

At Schwinn, we’re committed to designing bikes that deliver both an authentic experience to riders and lasting value to gym and studio owners. It’s a dedication that drove us to developing the most feature-rich console in the industry today. With...

Power Music

Power Music is our partner for providing excellent options to customize your rides! Check them out for special offers for Schwinn Certified Indoor Cycling Instructors!

Tips From Master Trainer Janelle Veteri

When building a community or a tribe in your classes, celebrating the accomplishments and gains because of the hard work done builds comradery. Schwinn Master Instructor Janelle Veteri really loves making a big deal when her classes achieve those mom...

Tips From Master Trainer Mindy Mylrea

Artful storytelling is a creative and powerful way to motivate and inspire your riders. It can be used to create an experience that triggers something meaningful, changing the trajectory of any class. Schwinn Master Instructor, Mindy Mylrea, shares h...

Tips From Master Trainer Jason Scheider

Schwinn Master Instructor, Jason Schneider, shares two quick tips with us on how to remain connected to our riders whether we be teaching virtually or in studio. Choose Day 19 for Jason's tip.

Tips From Master Trainer Tatiana Kolovou

Schwinn Master Instructor, Tatiana Kolovou, brings her signature endurance ride the Grit 20 to life in this short video fresh from Ethos Cycling in Bloomington, Indiana! Marrying up her training tip with the 45-minute class design (check out Day 4) s...

Tips From Master Trainer Helen Vanderburg

Coming to us from The Academy in Calgary, Alberta - Schwinn Master Instructor Helen Vanderburg, provides some insight on how to improve cardiovascular training. For indoor cycling, it boils down simply to resistance. Take a look and see how increasin...

Class Design - Persistence Ride by Master Trainer Eric Thomson

This 45-minute, three-stage endurance-based ride from Schwinn Master Instructor, Eric Thomson, will increase progressively with each stage ending in breathless pushes. Three bouts of work sandwiched between some much-appreciated recovery will have yo...